Designer and Developer

My name's Jordan, and I'm designer and a developer who likes to make cool stuff and write about it.


I'm from a small town in Illinois about two hours west of Chicago. I got started making things on the internet about 6 years ago thanks to a class in PHP. I ended up enjoying designing my sites just as much as building them. I'm currently working as a designer and developer for SolidDigital.


I'm self taught! That means I'm about as familiar as you can get with figuring out things I'm not familiar with. I've spent countless hours both on Treehouse, with my nose buried in books by the people at A Book Apart, as well as with many many other resources.


Designer and Developer at Answers in Genesis

I worked with the web team at AiG on a slew of projects, ranging from graphics for their store to work on redesigning their website. I learned a ton while working there, and upon completing my internship I was brought on as a contractor part time to continue designing things, and start building them.

Designer for Olive Tree

While working with Olive Tree I helped them redesign their home page, iPad application, and I even did a little work on their Windows 8 app.

Designer for Dotloop

Dotloop is one of the coolest companies I've worked with. They're trying to solve some really boring stuff in some really interesting ways. The boring stuff being reality based paper work and the interesting ways being really clean web and mobile apps. I got to work on updating the design of a bunch internal pages. Most of my work focused on usability improvements.

Freelance Designer and Developer

I spent late 2012 through all of 2013 working on a plethora of freelance projects. Ranging from small things like customizing Wordpress themes, or bigger like branding projects and designing/developing entire websites.

Designer and Developer at LWebG

I got hired on at LwebG as both a designer and developer. I was the sole designer there, but I also did quite a bit of front end work. I got a chance to dig into working with Drupal and pure PHP quite a bit more than I had previously. I worked on a wide range of projects, from small local business sites, all the way up to doing development work for National Geographic. They're a small shop, but they've been doing good work for a long time.

Designer and Developer at TinyAnvil

I've worked on and off for TinyAnvil, a small studio I started with a friend of mine out of Lexington, Kentucky over the last two years. We did a handful of projects for clients like: U.S. Navy Seals, Wrangler, WFTDA. We've currently got a small app project in the works that I'm super excited about.

Designer and Developer at Usmangroup

I started with the fine people at the Usman Group late this summer. I was hired on initially just as a designer, but I've quickly outgrown that small subset of webdesign. I'm currently spending most days bouncing back and forth between Sketch, and Atom. Both designing things, and then building them. Most of my code is a mix of HTML/SCSS and JS, with the occaisonal bit of WordPress code thrown in.

Designer and Developer at SolidDigital

Toward the end of 2016 my former company, the Usman Group, merged with a Portland based development agency named Solid Interactive. Taking the best parts of each company, and combining and reconfiguring them into a brand new agency with a more skills and potential than either company ever had before.

As a result I've gotten to work on a bunch of branding, front end code for web based mobile applications, and some really interesting UX and Wireframing for some really large scale sites.